Nomad is an ever-changing blend inspired by people we meet, conversations had, our time in nature, an epiphany, or just because. Wild and free-spirited.

Available in limited quantities. 

Winter wellness.

Coconut wax candles with paper braided cotton wick and 100% pure essential oils of

  • Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus), leaves, steam distilled 
    • Stimulating, cleansing, invigorating, lively. Fresh, powerful, peppery scent
  • Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia), leaves, steam distilled 
    • Cleansing and purifying. Antiseptic, medicinal scent

Each nudo candle unique.

Enjoy a burn time of up to 15 hours (small), 40 hours (large), based on our testing. To get the best from your candle please read our faq on candle care.

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