our why

nudo candles came about because, as candle lovers, we wanted to know what we were burning in our home. We were unable to find a candle that came close to how conscious we are in other aspects of our life; the food we eat, what we put on our skin, the clothes we wear.

nudo - stripped bare for us means no synthetic or artificial fragrances, no soy, no palm, no paraffin, no lead, no zinc, no spray painted containers, no dyes, no excess packaging. They are simply stripped bare of the unnecessary.

Hand poured in beautiful New Zealand locations using coconut wax, 100% pure essential oils, and cotton wicks, we create natural candles that burn cleaner, slower, and brighter. Gently aromatic to nourish and nurture your soul.

Many of us face challenges with our mental wellbeing so every time you purchase a nudo candle online we donate 5% of the purchase to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

 "You are part of nature, let nature surround you. nudo candles bring nature into your home and fill your senses with the power of the Earth." 

our pour locations

Upper Moutere, Tasman - “a deep love for, and connection with the stunning natural landscapes."

Golden Bay, Tasman - "a vast paradise for nature lovers."

Akaroa, Banks Peninsula - "in the heart of an ancient volcano filled with an oasis of sparkling colours."

Hunua, Auckland - "the largest area of native forest in Auckland."


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