our why

nudo candles came about because, as candle lovers, we wanted to know what we were burning in our home. we were unable to find a candle that came close to how conscious we are in other aspects of our life; the food we eat, what we put on our skin, the clothes we wear. 

nudo - stripped bare means no synthetic or artificial fragrances, no soy, no palm, no paraffin, no lead, no zinc, no spray painted containers, no dyes, no excess packaging. simply nothing unnecessary

candles poured with intention, Raewyn is also a mindful movement instructor and mindfulness facilitator. visit solos.co.nz


delivery New Zealand wide. free delivery on orders over $100 or $10.00 

candle look
the combination of natural products used make nudo candles unique, each with their own characteristics formed by nature. each candle has its own look, some may pull away from the glass in places, while others may have a textured finish on the top. without affecting the beauty of their burn, it is part of the nudo brand. we choose not to interfere or cover up for aesthetic purposes. someone once said "stay true to yourself, then you can be all that you are”; we let our candles do the same. organic in nature your candle may change from day to day. be wild, be free, be you

candle size
every nudo candle is presented in a seamless, high strength candle jar
small - 15 hours burn time. approx size 75ml, height 70mm, diameter 47mm, base 60mm
large - 40 hours burn time. approx size 235ml, height 90mm, diameter 69mm, base 75mm
burn times are based on consistent testing. many factors affect the burn of a candle. please read candle and safety care before use

candle memory
to help get the maximum burn time from your candle, you need to set the candle memory. this means you allow the candle to burn until the pool of wax extends to the outside rim of the glass during each use. for large candles this may take a few hours so nestle up for a cosy night in with your favourite night cap. after the first burn, trim wick back to 5mm. the cotton wicks are self-trimming in the sense that they will curl slightly. gently break the wick tip and remove any wick debris before lighting again
burn responsibly. read safety instructions on base of each candle

candle scent
nudo candles use the subtle aromas of 100% pure essential oils to gently nourish your soul. mix and match to find the balance that works for you. scent throw is relative to the space candles are burnt in

coconut wax
a natural plant wax made from cold pressed coconut, coconut wax burns cleaner, slower, and brighter than most other waxes. the wax becomes transparent while burning and hardens again once cooled. nudo candles are poured at very specific temperatures, in an ambient environment, years of experience, and a few good tunes

recycle or repurpose candle jars
recycle with us or repurpose yourself, the choice is yours. simply send us a picture of how you reuse your candle jar or contact us for return address details to recycle. either way you’ll go in the draw to win a free candle

essential oils when I am pregnant
if you are pregnant or lactating, consult a health professional prior to using any product

we want you to enjoy these candles as much as we do. please contact us with any questions you may have

pour locations

Upper Moutere, Tasman - a deep love for, and connection with the stunning natural landscapes

Golden Bay, Tasman - a vast paradise for nature lovers

Akaroa, Banks Peninsula - in the heart of an ancient volcano filled with an oasis of sparkling colours

Hunua, Auckland - the largest area of native forest in Auckland


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