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getting in touch and ordering is easy. small $15, large $35. payment via internet banking or on pick up

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natural coconut wax & 100% pure essential oils

nurture - nurture your mind, body, and soul with the zesty pick me up freshness of may chang (lemony) and a hint of calming lavender. an invitation to relax and unwind

nourish - let nature soothe your soul with refreshing, invigorating peppermint, gently balanced with a subtle hint of calming lavender. nourish yourself

nuzzle - wrap yourself up in a sense of contentment and comfy coziness with the floral, sweet, slightly rose like scent of palmarosa, alongside the comfort of lavender. soft, feminine

nude - unscented 

nomad - an ever-changing blend inspired by people we meet, conversations had, our time in nature, an epiphany, or just because. wild and free-spirited

small - $15,  large - $35 


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