nudo candles

natural coconut wax & pure essential oils

hand poured in Upper Moutere, New Zealand we believe in the beauty of simplicity. appreciating subtlety nudo candles use coconut wax, 100% pure essential oils, and cotton wicks to create natural, clean, slow, bright burning candles

nudo candles came about because, as candle lovers, we wanted to know what we were burning in our home. we were unable to find a candle that came close to how conscious we are in other aspects of our life; the food we eat, what we put on our skin, the clothes we wear

nudo - stripped bare means no synthetic or artificial fragrances, no soy, palm, paraffin, lead, or zinc, no spray painted containers, dyes or excess packaging - nothing unnecessary

candle collection

natural coconut wax & 100% pure essential oils

nurture - nurture your mind, body, and soul with the zesty pick me up freshness of may chang (lemony) and a hint of calming lavender. an invitation to relax and unwind

nourish - let nature soothe your soul with refreshing, invigorating peppermint, gently balanced with a subtle hint of calming lavender. nourish yourself

nuzzle - wrap yourself up in a sense of contentment and comfy coziness with the floral, sweet, slightly rose like scent of palmarosa, alongside the comfort of lavender. soft, feminine

nude - love candles but prefer to burn unscented ones? or mix and match with our other blends to create your own sensory experience

nomad - an ever-changing blend inspired by people we meet, conversations had, our time in nature, an epiphany, or just because. wild and free-spirited. (n4 herbaceous basil and lavender)

each nudo candle unique. presented in a seamless, high strength candle jar

small - $15   (15 hrs burn time, 75ml, 70mm high)    large - $35   (40 hrs burn time, 235ml, 90mm high)

it's wonderful to walk back into the room and smell the delicate fragrance which is subtly working on my mind and body - Tania

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you are part of nature, let nature surround you. nudo candles bring nature into your home and fill your senses with the power of the Earth

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small $15, large $35. payment via internet banking or on pick up

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