nudo candles - stripped bare

natural coconut wax candles with 100% pure essential oils; the oil is the very essence of the plant it was distilled from, the plant in its purest form, and nothing else

stripped bare; no synthetic or artificial fragrances, no soy, no palm, no paraffin, no lead, no zinc, no spray painted containers, no dyes, no excess packaging

you are part of nature, let nature surround you. nudo candles bring nature into your home and fill your senses with the power of the Earth, naturally

nature  tea tree + pine | nurture may chang + lavender | nourish peppermint + lavender | nuzzle palmarosa + lavender | nude unscented | negroni bitter orange + juniper | nocturne lavender | nosh basil + lemongrass | nomad everchanging

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small $15, large $35. freight $10 NZ wide *free delivery Nelson area

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candle care

candle look - the combination of natural products used make nudo candles unique, each with their own characteristics formed by nature. each candle has its own look, some may pull away from the glass in places, while others may have a textured finish on the top. without affecting the beauty of their burn, it is part of the nudo brand. we choose not to interfere or cover up for aesthetic purposes. someone once said "stay true to yourself, then you can be all that you are”; we let our candles do the same. organic in nature your candle may change from day to day. be wild, be free, be you

candle size - every nudo candle is presented in a seamless, high strength candle jarsmall - 15 hours burn time. approx size 75ml, height 70mm, diameter 47mm, base 60mmlarge - 40 hours burn time. approx size 235ml, height 90mm, diameter 69mm, base 75mmburn times are based on consistent testing. many factors affect the burn of a candle. please read candle and safety care before use. beauty in simplicity

candle memory -to help get the maximum burn time from your candle, you need to set the candle memory. this means you allow the candle to burn until the pool of wax extends to the outside rim of the glass during each use. for large candles this may take a few hours so nestle up for a cosy night in with your favourite night cap. after the first burn, trim wick back to 5mm. the cotton wicks are self-trimming in the sense that they will curl slightly. gently break the wick tip and remove any wick debris before lighting again. burn responsibly. read safety instructions on base of each candle. shine a little light on my soul

candle scent -nudo candles use the subtle aromas of 100% pure essential oils to gently nourish your soul. we have our favourites or choose your own from the current essential oil list. scent throw is relative to the space candles are burnt in, and oils chosen i.e. top or middle note. be your own light

coconut wax - a natural plant wax made from cold pressed coconut, coconut wax burns cleaner, slower, and brighter than most other waxes. the wax becomes transparent while burning and hardens again once cooled. nudo candles are poured at very specific temperatures, in an ambient environment, years of experience, and a few good tunes. shine bright you crazy diamond

recycle or repurpose candle jars recycle with us. send us back your empty nudo jars

essential oils when I am pregnant - if you are pregnant or lactating, consult a health professional prior to using any product

questions - we want you to enjoy these candles as much as we do. please make contact with any questions you may have

essential oils used

  • basil (ocimum basilicum), leaves and flowers, steam distilled. calming, restorative, inspiring. herbaceous and refreshing
  • eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus), leaves, steam distilled. stimulating, cleansing, invigorating, lively. fresh, powerful, peppery scent
  • juniper (juniperus communis), berriessteam distilled. supportive, restorative, tonic. fresh, rich balsamic
  • lavender (lavandula angustifolia), flower heads, steam distilled. calming, relaxing, soothing. sweet, floral herbaceous  
  • lemongrass (cymbopogon flexuosus), leaves, steam distilled. uplifting, restorative. strong, citrus herbaceous
  • may chang (litsea cubeba), fruits, steam distilled. uplifting, refreshing, stimulating, balancing. intense sweet lemony with fruity, spicy undertones
  • orange (citrus sisimultaneously relaxing), peel, steam distilled. uplifting, relaxing, cheerful. bitter sweet citrus
  • palmarosa (cymbopogon martinii) leaves, steam distilled. fresh, intriguing. slightly rose like
  • peppermint (mentha piperita), leaves and flowers, steam distilled. refreshing, stimulating. strong, fresh, minty 
  • pine (pinus sylvestris), needles, young branches, cones, steam distilled. invigorating, cleansing. strong antiseptic aroma
  • tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia), leaves, steam distilled. fresh, cleansing, uplifting, bold. earthy

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